About us

MCCS was established on January 2, 2001. The TransamPay Bill Payment System was created by MCCS group, to fulfill the need for a friendly and more effective payment system at US market. Transampay Network has the elastic capacity to support a full demand from the Bill Pay market, processing the majority of American billers. Also, along with this inovation in technology, new billers can be added to the system at will, within 2 hours. Transampay takes a pre-emptive role in creating solutions for the new e-world. Innovations like COW--Cash on Web--for example, offers consumers the safest way to purchase goods or services over the telephone or internet. Projects such as COW revolutionize the e-market for those consumers that likes to have their receipts at hands and transactions cleared as cash, with undisclosed credit info. The development, research, operations, marketing and creation teams are together daily in exciting 15 hour journeys learning and working together.

We are also developing a special routine for those who DO NOT WANT make financial transactions over the Internet or regular mail. By presenting a flash drive with the image of your bill at any TRANSAMPAY workstation, it will be paid and the receipt printed! This definitive solution is now also available for the European Bill Pay market. Transampay Team.